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Fair Trade

This is not really meant to be read by folks - so much as to help with people trying to find us.

The way a country manages its economy is totally based on trade and how the trade is handled and also basically who handles it to who’s benefit are a few questions that one will have to find answers to when one starts a discussion on trade.

Thus trade on the whole is a vast and a subject of vital importance since trade decides the future of a country and its skeleton or very basically the spine the ECONOMY.Hence it is the economy and it is for the economy that people try and put their initial and the final effort in to succeed as majority believes that the success of finance is the success of life until they come to the maximum and realize the core is empty though they have rocketed their life style in triplets compared to the others. At a point of this nature, people will not realize the function of finance, but try to gain it by any means, whether fair or unfair, right or wrong, legal or illegal. In such situations, people who are fair and good and legal are being unfair by the financial model that they face and experience at the current situations and people who are forceful and unwittingly adamant gets the chance of leaping through the boundaries to reach the comforts that they expect by hook or by crook.

When the society is full of such occurrences undoubtedly a means of achieving the legitimate boundaries become evident and then people try to stabilize such a society where there is  everything on a fair basis. The evolution of the Fair trade originated from such backgrounds and the below written is an eye opener to such facets in the society of modern economy and trade. It illustrates what the economy is and what a countries economy is and how the economy and trade are bound to one another with the difference of nation’s races and ethnic groups. When we discuss the facets of the world economy or a country’s economy in the modern world it  is mostly based on trade. And trade is done worldwide, irrespective of the countries, races ethnic groups or of the financial stability because even a country with the minimum of assets and resources will still be dealing with trade in order to bring up the economy of that country. Dealing with different countries and people, unlike the good  olden days where even trade is based only inside the country. In the modern age, there exists a new movement named fair trade the ultimate resolution the world has ever invented to maintain the balance of the mass and also to maintain the balance of a countries wealth as when one becomes extremely wealthy the next avenue one searches is power and seeking and maintaining power always leads to conflicts . Therefore introduction of fair trade is a way of eradicating the conflicts and finding the solutions to major issues that many do not intend even to exit. Therefore  Fair trade is about better prices, decent working conditions for workers and farmers. Fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. There’re many internally recognized Fairtrade certifiers. Including FMO, IMO and Eco-Social which is leading characters in the movement of Fair Trade.  Although this movement has spread worldwide in the UK there are over 500 Fairtrade Towns, 118 Fairtrade universities, over 6,000 Fairtrade churches, and over 4,000 UK schools registered with the Fair Trade School Scheme. http://lineisp.co.uk would be a good place to go for free hosting Over one million and two hundred thousand farmers and workers in over 60 countries worldwide engage in Fair Trade. Feel very proud to purchase goods with the fair trade certification because then you become a part of a chain that overlook unfairness and maintain equality to a sustainable life condition to prove the empathy the majority of people would be feeling in a very conflicted situation.

Fair trade is based in many industries. Especially talking about industries it is mostly focused on the agricultural industry, in other words on the food industry. Goods which are exchanged from the place where they’re grown to the place where they’re purchased are fair trade commodities. And they also should be certified by a Fair trade organization such as Fair trade USA or World Fair trade Organization. Fair trade has a huge impact on both the retailers and the customers because in the modern world fair trade has a high market. It is because of its cheap prices and the quality and mass production. Many countries and people are engaged in this. So the outcome of these events benefits a lot of people. Fair trade supports small scale farmers and workers who are marginalized from trade in a variety of ways. This affects their way of life in a huge way.
Fair Trade has expanded largely over the Food industry in the modern days. And Coffee has a major role in it. The beginning of the Fair trade in the coffee industry came out as a result of the Second World War. This was mainly found in the Dutch colonies in the East Indies. After Ages past and the Storms started to rest the industry of coffee started to grow larger day by day. Now the largest source of coffee can be found in Uganda and Tanzania followed by Latin American countries such as Guatemala and Costa Rica. With the dawn of the 20th century the power over this industry shifted to Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom where the United States and Switzerland are in the lead. The slight difference in here is that the small labourers and farmers dominate the production of coffee in Latin American countries such as Peru.  The other part that the fair trade should be expanded is in the field of clothing because there are occasions when one can identify  the difference of the people s clothes under the same pole. Though there should be a variety there still will have to be a unique style or may be a budget for the people to spend on their clothes, thus it is evident that when one spends a budget of on one piece of clothing another set will have to spend that amount for their expenses as the whole month. If this inequality too diminishes then the world would be a fair place for everyone to experience and also to enjoy .

What one need to understand is that life is too short an episode to waste ,  just make a sustainable living out of it.